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TitleServices from the Perspective of Sectors in Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
AuthorElzbieta Skapska
AbstractDespite transformations of modern economies into direction of the market economy with postindustrial features, service sectors in individual countries of The Commonwealth of Independent States are still being treated vestigial. Judging by the areas of all the analyzed countries, the development of services mainly concerns transportation, communication and trade. The article determines values of services for Euro Asiatic economies by means of the indicators which are the strongest at creating a measurable picture of services as a development factor, i.e. contribution of services in building the gross domestic product and profitability of enterprises from the service sector. In order to present the potential of services in the post soviet countries, the statistical analysis has been used and the results indicate the categories of services which play the most significant role in reaching consecutive stages of the development by particular economies.

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