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TitleThe Impact of Leadership Styles of Principals and Teachers of Secondary Schools in Kaduna State Nigeria: Using School Environment as a Tool for School Achievement
AuthorKhalil Yusuf Uthman
AbstractThe involvement of teachers in the administration of schools is well justified and arise from the need to boost school environment for the sake of attaining school achievement. These approaches require academic teachers to come together to assist the principals in building the school environment with the soul intention of achieving success in their schools. This paper reports on the outcomes of a transformational leadership efforts in Nigerian unity schools that aimed at enhancing the use of teachers in the administrative set-up. Using the multifactor leadership questionnaire form 5x, the researcher was able to analyse the data collected from the perceived responses of the school teachers. This study was carried out in seven selected secondary schools through stratified random sampling technique from the existing 101 in the state, in the randomly selected unity schools, 800 participants were selected through a simple random technique, in the whole 760 were used or returned with 500 male and 260 female respondents whose age ranges from between 30-60 years with a mean age of 28years. This was attributed to the fact that all the respondents were of adult working age, hence, there opinion on the relationship of leadership styles on school environment and achievement will reflect sense of maturity. The schools comprises of Barewa College Zaria, Alhuda-huda College Zaria, Rimi College Kaduna, Sardauna Memorial College Malali Kaduna, Government Girls Secondary School Giwa, Government Commercial College Soba and Government Girls Day Secondary School Kofar Gayan Zaria, both in Kaduna State of Nigeria. The findings of this research states that, by cultivating the habit of a transformational leader, the principals of unity schools will have the ability to transform teachers, schools curriculum, professional development in interdisciplinary pedagogy, innovation in student-led learning activities, and participation in institutional decision-making related to school administration. This paper demonstrates that the transformational leadership model for a secondary school achievement reported here is effective in building capacity for both teachers and students.

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