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TitleOrganizational Innovativeness: Objective and Subjective Approach and their Implications
AuthorTeresa Bal Wozniak
AbstractThe article is of conceptual character andproposes a change in the paradigm of thinking about organizational innovativeness. It is founded on an assumption that the currently dominant technocratic (objective) approach to innovativeness stems from individual creativity. It helps to acquire competitive advantages mainly in the countries of Technology Frontier Area (TFA) and by big corporations. The imitation of patterns based on the technocratic (objective) approach oriented towards innovation management is burdened with a high risk of ineffectiveness in catching-up countries, which include Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It causes the lack of proper utilization of innovative potential of enterprises, network economy and information-telecommunication revolution. In order to overcome these threats, the author proposes to appreciate the subjective role of an individual (a human being) in the innovation process and popularization of the subjective approach to innovativeness. Perceiving organizational innovativeness not only as the intensity of introducing innovations, but also from the perspective of innovative capabilities of a person, opens up a possibility to build theories about primary sources of innovations. Its use in practice should help to ensure a common activation of creative potential of human resources and to eliminate obstacles encountered by enterprises when accessing innovative talents with reference to the improvement of well- being and not only to business goals.

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