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TitleDifferential Analysis of Organizational Culture of LCUP: Implications for Enhancing Management Operations
AuthorAlvin V Nuqui
AbstractThe study focused on the school’s organizational culture of LCUP in their efforts to respond to the societal demands, particularly of the province of Bulacan. Regarding the tangible elements of LCUP’s organizational culture, the five groups of respondents seemed to be most homogenous when it comes to LCUP’s organizational culture about the tangible expression and symbolism/conceptual verbal manifestation, behavioral and visual/material manifestation. It means that they do not differ significantly in their perceptions. The culture is visible through the organization. They do not different perceptions about organizational culture of LCUP. In terms of perceive strengths of LCUP, the academic community were embedding and enforcing organizational culture, have played its role in creating, embedding and enforcing school’s organizational culture. Furthermore, the school should strategically plan for change to face the challenges of the third millennium. Therefore, resources both human and financial must be availed to support the plan of change.

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