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TitleEvolution of Critical Success Factors in the Eco-Friendly Market
AuthorBertolini Geysler RF
AbstractThe aim of this paper is to show the evolution of the critical factors that can be determinant for the success of the commercialization of green products of the company O Boticário. The following critical factors were considered for this research: consumer’s perception regarding eco- friendly characteristics featured in the products; consumer’s environmental awareness; consumer’s eco consumption; and the purchasing criteria that consumers will considerer when acquiring a product. This research was dived into two phases in order to show the evolution of the factors that were studied. The first phase took place in 2004 and the second one in 2008. The instrument used for data collection was an evaluation model developed by Bertolini (2004) to assess consumer’s perception concerning eco-friendly products. It was verified that during this period both consumer’s eco- awareness and eco-consumption had an increase. Consumer’s purchasing criteria, had an increase in what concerns the environmental issues, however, consumer’s perception remained static during the studied period.

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