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TitleComputer Virus and Antivirus Software –A Brief Review
AuthorBhaskar V. Patil
AbstractA computer virus is software intentionally written to copy itself without the computer owner’s permission and then perform some other action on any system where it resides. Now a days, viruses are being written for almost every computing platform Anti-virus protection is, or should be, an integral part of any Information Systems operation, be it personal or professional. There are number of computer virus are created and these computer virus are affected in day today life. The large number of Anti-virus software available in the market and some are being launched, each one of them offers new features for detecting and eradicating viruses and malware. People frequently change their Anti-virus software according to their liking and needs without evaluating the performance and capabilities of the various Anti-virus software available. This research paper highlights the basix concepts of computer viruses and antivirus software. And also describe the details types of computer malware or miclinious code and working of anti- virus software.

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