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TitleInvestigation of Students’ Statistics Anxiety, Dispositional Characteristics and their Effects to Performance in Statistics
AuthorCarla M Mandap
AbstractThe main concern of the study is to investigate the students’ statistics anxiety, dispositional characteristics and their effects to academic performance. The student’s anxieties in a statistics class were evaluated based on their perceptions on the worth of statistics, interpretation anxiety, test/class anxiety, computational self- concept, fear of asking help and fear of teachers. The dispositional characteristics were described in terms of the students’ academic procrastination tendencies and level of mathematics self-concept. The academic performance of the students in the statistics was measured using their final grades in the course. The descriptive correlational method of research was utilized to attain the objectives of the study. Responses were gathered from the 200 students randomly chosen from three non-quantitative courses in Bulacan State University. For the statistical treatment of data, descriptive statistics, correlations and multiple regression analysis were conducted. The findings of the study showed that the students only registered low procrastinations scores on academic- related activities. Students’ math-self- concept, on average, was only evident at moderate levels. In terms of the students’ statistics anxiety, the test/class anxiety is the highest form of anxiety experienced by the respondents. Conversely, the students’ fear of statistics teachers revealed to be the least. The results of the regression analysis further showed that statistics anxiety and dispositional characteristics of the students signified a predictive influence on academic performance in statistics.

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