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TitleExamination Management System with Scheduling Scheme and Biometric Security Module
AuthorAlvin V Nuqui
AbstractVast applications of computers in learning environments as tools and media for enhanced delivery and management of knowledge maximize the opportunity for a more interactive and collaborative culture in education. Today, one of the vital and expanding uses of computers is in educational measurement or, in plain language, testing. In educational context, tests of human knowledge, understanding and preferences are typically used as indicators for measuring human performance and level of comprehension. Indeed, testing result is really a very essential factor in one’s professional life. Motivated by the importance of testing systems, the researchers aimed to combine the power of network technologies as well as the emergence of advanced security techniques in order to cater the examination needs of various clienteles especially the high-staked testing communities. It has a server and client module with several features that ensure the integrity of all transactions. Among its outstanding attributes is its module for developing examination packages both for teacher-made and standardized type of tests as well as its component for the management of examination schedules. The system was evaluated based on the ISO 926 Software Quality Assurance Model and was assessed by the stakeholders with a high level of acceptability.

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