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TitleThe Knowledge Management Processes and Its Role in Improving Organizational Effectiveness: A Field Study Jordanian Commercial Banks
AuthorAbdullah Ahmad Al-Shourah
AbstractKnowledge Management Processes (KMP) is the most prominent of the management areas that are directly linked to the development of the human element in the areas of globalization. This study seek to develop conceptual propositions relating use of the KM processes to improved organizational effectiveness in either the public or private sectors if employee perceptions of an organization’s cumulatively motivate employees to believe the benefits to knowledge exchange behaviors. The evaluation of (KM) performance has become increasingly important since it provides the reference for directing the organizations to enhance their effectiveness. Finally KM models that attach basic importance to knowledge and information and address the process of converting information and knowledge into organizational wisdom are selected as instruments for the assessment of empowerment and sustained development of human resources Jordanian commercial banks. This paper aims at developing and a conceptual model of the relationships between the knowledge management processes and its role in improving organizational effectiveness at Jordanian commercial banks.

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