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TitleThe Influence of Service Performance on Customer Satisfaction of Bank Central Asia in Surabaya
AuthorF Andreani
AbstractBank Central Asia (BCA), one of the biggest non-governmental banks in Indonesia, has survived facing all crises and challenges up till now. A pre-survey to some of BCA customers in Surabaya shows that they were satisfied due to its service quality. This research is conducted to find out whether BCA’s customer satisfaction is influenced by its service performance (SERVPERF) as service quality is a very important factor for a service oriented industry to survive and develop. In this study, the authors use a quantitative method with multiple linear regression to prove the influence of service performance on customer satisfaction. From the analysis, it showsthat the good services implemented by BCA in Surabaya have a very strong influence on its customer satisfaction as much as 85.1%. Among the five dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy), responsiveness has the biggest influence on customer satisfaction. So by improving some service performance aspects, like minimalizing errors that oftenly occured, BCA will increase the company’s quality and its customer satisfaction.

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