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TitleThe Impact of SME Internationalization in Firm’s Growth-Kosovo’s Perspective
AuthorEnver H Krasniqi
AbstractThe intention of this study is to observe the importance of Internationalization in the SME sector in Kosovo. The study refers to the long-term research experience of the author in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development especially, in designing Strategic Activities in SME Development. The subject is developed based on broad literature and practices in the SME development sector, and the great importance of Internationalization activities in the direction of firm’s growth. During the preparation of this study, a range of methods were used to research and study the SME development in the era of globalization. Using a sample of BSCK (Business Support Centre Kosovo) research from 2011 and 2012, the conclusion of this study indicates that the majority of CEOs agreed that a number of the actions undertaken by enterprises in an effort to realize prosperity occur within SME internationalization, organizational learning, and growth orientation. These conclusions suggest that successful Entrepreneurship and SME Strategic Development is conditioned by factors such as: SME leadership, Local and Central Institutions, conditions of financial sector, structure of the SME sector, the business environment, and approaches to regional markets. This study is intended to support the needs of SME managers in all aspects of business performance, as well as central and local level decision-makers in the drafting of regulations, and to assist them in the development of SME policies.

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