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TitleVision Integration of National University IES Praxis: An Exploratory Study in the Graduate Subsystem
AuthorAntonio Sergio Torres Penedo
AbstractWith the assumption that a vision of integration is closely related to an improvement of the dynamics and communication between the plurality of fields of knowledge, the purpose of the study was to contribute to the construction of knowledge and be an agent of motivation for further studies about referenced a very little issue: the integration as part of the university praxis in Higher Education Institutions - HEI. In this perspective, inserted in the "Graduate " subsystem, the study turned to integrative postures that could be observed in them. This work was conducted based on information available in the Pro- Rectors of Institutions of Higher Education, as well also as the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - CAPES. The variables studied were the distribution of courses of excellence (which refers both to internal political skills as resource allocation), the amount of multidisciplinary postgraduate programs and the amount of the graduate institutional extramural programs (promoted concomitantly by more than one institution). The results indicate that praxis is not homogeneous, and heterogeneous data indicate that the tertiary institutions, much still has to move in order to overcome departmental boundaries and be a higher payment and communication between branches of knowledge, but institutions have some strong points, and for the University of São Paulo - USP stands out a distribution of well-balanced excellence and striving for the HEI as a whole, the Federal University of Bahia-UFBa stands an immense number of programs and inter institutional programs at the University of Brasilia-UNB there a highlight regarding the existence of multidisciplinary programs.

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