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TitleCommercial value in online social networks using eWOM
AuthorOren Gil-Or
AbstractOnline social networks and Facebook as the shining leader are among the most popular websites. As a result, they became a fascinating infrastructure for businesses that are willing to leverage this tremendous opportunity. Although the vast majority of marketers are using Facebook as a marketing tool, most of the current efforts have not yet yielded the desired ROI. In this research the researchers analyzed the main factors that expedite commercial word-of-mouth in Facebook and figured out how companies can leverage the real potential commercial value of the network. In order to do that, the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the theory of reasoned action (TRA) were used, in the context of the social networks. Results show that self-expressiveness seems to be the most influencing factor that affects the perceived usefulness, the attitude towards the social network and the information reading activity, and is highly correlated with both the perceived ease of use and the attitude towards the commercial information shared in the social network. Perceived usefulness is affecting the information reading activity. Out of the two measured activities, information reading activity is affected by self-expressiveness and perceived usefulness and commercial information sharing are affected by the attitude towards the shared commercial information and by the intention to share commercial information. Consequently, companies that would like to encourage commercial-oriented word-of-mouth should improve the usefulness of the social network for their customers, and the ability of these to self-express themselves.

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