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TitleEconomic Development and Strategic Human Resource Development: The Case of Southeast Asia
AuthorGeorge O Tasie
AbstractToday, both political leaders and organizational executives all over the world recognise the role human resource development plays in economic development. The progress of any nation cannot be swifter than the people progress in education. Sometimes it is not only the scarcity of money that makes a nation weak, but also the scarcity of men and talents. In the most recent titah His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei emphasises more investments in human resources, education and training, so that the people are ready to play a more effective role in the future [1]. In this period when all political leaders of the Southeast Asia are stepping up investments in human capital development, it has become imperative to analyse the benefits associated with such investments in human resource development. This paper will thus analyse the current socio-economic situations in ASEAN and attempt to advance arguments for investments in education and human resource development.

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