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TitleOnline Group-Buying Continuance Intention: An Extended User Experience Perspective On Expectation-Confirmation Theory
AuthorPo Yin Chang
AbstractAlthough online group-buying has been proposed by various studies in recent years, the intention to continuous usage such topics remains insufficient, and the acceptance- discontinuance anomaly phenomenon, namely, users discontinue the use of online group-buying services after initially accepting them is frequecntly occurs. This study investigated the determinants of the online group-buying continuance intention of users with different levels of online group-buying experience, and examined the moderating effects of online group- buying experience on the relationships among the determinants. This study synthesized the expectation– confirmation model and technology acceptance model to establish a theoretical model for explaining and predicting the intentions of users to continue using online group-buying. The results reveal that user satisfaction and attitude are the primary determinants of the intention of users to continue using online group-buying, regardless of their level of online group-buying experience. In addition, the findings show that the experience of users in using online group-buying services plays an crucial moderating role. The implications of the findings for research and managerial practice were analyzed and are discussed in this paper.

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