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TitleOnline Information System for Bulacan State University Hostel
AuthorAlvin V Nuqui
AbstractThe main purpose of this study is to design and develop an “Online Information System for Bulacan State University Hostel”. Different functionalities were incorporated into the developed system like the creation of different user account for the staff/front desk and online customers, prices updates through online admin portal, payments thru bank account, confirmation thru email after reservation, report generation concerning income, number of customers and monthly report, counting the numbers of viewers and settings for rates, taxes and other discounts. Visual Basic. Net and ASP Net. were used for the system front-end while Microsoft Access was used as the database application as well Crystal Report was used to display reports. Software Development Life Cycle (Waterfall Model) was used as the development model. The developed system was evaluated using the different software criteria like Functionality, Accuracy, Reliability, User-friendliness, and Security and all of them were interpreted as “Strongly Agree” based on the equivalent ratings presented in the Likert scale. The proponent deployed the system through web hosting with an address x.

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