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TitleDevelopment Model for Connecting Educational Institution with Economy over the Students Project work
AuthorSreco Zakrajsek
AbstractThe article shows a successful means of connecting higher educational institutions (College for Multimedia) and students with the economy and in the same time buildinga social network. Since we are working in multimedia production, modern multimedia and IC technologies are the basis for study and work, which is interesting and attractive to students; it is a fast- developing and demanding field that offers plenty of challenges and opportunities. We developed the model for the cooperation between the school and companies which is based on student creative project work, which is a fundamental concept of the College educational process. Cooperation mostly consists of solving authentic tasks and problems, which is upgraded with joint creative and practical projects. Since the 2010 more than 700studentsmultimedia projectswas prepared with more than 150companies. The benefit is mutual as companies acquire new ideas, projects and cadres, and the youths acquire references and possibilities to be included in the work process, and the educational institute acquires quality of study process and employable cadres.

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