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Title A Mixed Integer Programming Solution for Transmission Switching in Power System
AuthorKumar Maneesh
AbstractThe ultimate objective of the transmission system is to deliver electric power reliably and economically from generators to loads. Co-optimize transmission topology and generation dispatch could be a viable way to minimize generation cost. Transmission network topology is changed by using transmission line switching. Transmission Switching is also beneficial for both operator and consumer in the restructured electric power industry. Mathematical model is formulated by representing transmission line switching by binary variable and power flow in the lines and generation by continuous variable. Hence the formulated problem is a MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Problem). Formulated MILP problem solved by using GLPK solver of optimization with PYOMO (Python Optimization Modeling Objects) language. Branch and Bound method of MILP is used by GLPK solver. In the study a standard IEEE 30-bus system is tested and significant savings in system dispatch cost and other market benefits achieved.

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