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TitleThe Competencies Management in Brazilian Public Sector
AuthorSimone Portella Teixeira de Mello
AbstractWe investigated the implementing of the competencies management from cases of public organizations. For this, the model concepts were related to the interviewees’ practices, and cases related to the theme. The research focused on the general aspects related to public management, the competencies management and what is ongoing in the public sector. The research was qualitative. The results concluded that the model adoption is recent and complex. The public sector specificity also affects the model practice, where organizations in the sector are particularly slow to change. It is a misunderstanding to believe that solely formation programs can lead to the competencies development, once they deal little with the capacity to mobilize knowledge in specific working situations. It is not enough to introduce a new management tool without transforming the system as a whole, not including politicians and citizens in this process, because it essentially requires participation and collective commitment.

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