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TitleSocial Relationships Based on Islamic Business -A Case Study of as-Siddeek Savings Cooperative Ltd. Network
AuthorKamon suwannarat
AbstractThis research aimed to examine the change of social relationships based on Islam business: A case study of As- siddeek Savings Cooperative Ltd. network by measuring the engagement in the aspect of survival from the use of credit in capitalism between the original credit resource and cooperative credit resource that it was consistent with the size of transaction costs in using the credit. The purposive samples comprised 60 people selecting from three branches. The results showed that the size of transaction costs did not affect the change of social ties but the change of engagement formed in terms of the survival being consistent with the economic behavior of the individual. Most conditions were needs in the use of credit commitments with no interest (Halal) and easy interpretation to use financial services. Measuring the change of social ties found that the cooperatives could change the social ties of the survival from 0 to 38 on entering into the credit service of the Cooperatives because using the credit could answer in the form of living in the economic behavior of private individual better.

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