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TitleThe cultural-religious services in the circular economy
AuthorNicoleta Sparchez
AbstractAbstract. The resources are very important for the mankind, without them the human cannot exist. In this context, the society must be responsible and conscious that it has to learn to live in conditions with limited resources. Therefore, the presentation of the concept of linear economy versus the circular economy, presupposes observing the way in which the goods and services are produced and used. In the contemporary society it is noticed a more and more intense need of ensuring a balance between the unlimited and limited resources, between the consumer specific to the linear economy and the user, specific to the circular economy. According to these desires, step by step there appeared a series of services, we can generically call human- sustainable services, capable of satisfying a varied range of needs that people have from birth until passing. The educative cultural-religious services are a new concept that can be implemented, taking into consideration the three types of services (cultural, religious and educative) and the needs and possibilities of the children and of the young persons of acquiring new knowledge in various fields of activity according to the cultural and religious values. Having in mind the concept of circular economy and the features of the services from this point of view, the objective of this approach consists in understanding the influences of certain particularities regarding the evolution of the Romanian society in this context. For this purpose there will be presented a research based on the analysis of some indicators that reflect certain aspects regarding Romania at national level but also in the European context.

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