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TitleAHP-based Evaluation of System Dynamics Software from a Performance Management Perspective
AuthorWolfgang Ossadnik
AbstractPerformance management has to ensure that organizational goals are being met in an efficient and effective way and therefore it has to develop, implement and continuously improve its performance management systems. These can be visualized by strategy maps which help to execute strategy by linking key performance indicators according to hypothesized and/or identified cause-and-effect relationships. Based on the dynamic character of performance management systems the use of System Dynamics is necessary to take into account temporarily delaying and retroactive influences. Especially for practical issues, software support can reduce barriers to applying System Dynamics. For this reason, five heterogeneous software products are evaluated with Analytic Hierarchy Process from a performance management perspective. The relevant criteria contained in the evaluation model were developed from the international standard norm ISO/IEC 25010-1:2011. Based on the multi-criteria nature of the model, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used for an evaluation due to the increasing relevance of AHP in science and practice. In addition to revealing the necessities for further research, the result transparently show why under certain performance management-related assumptions, ‘VENSIM PLE’ is a preferred software product. Originating from different requirements, the evaluation reveals the strengths and weaknesses of various software solutions for practical purposes from a performance management background. This study shows that characteristics of SD software products vary, allowing users to select an appropriate software solution.

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