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TitleThe relationships between accounting and fundraising campaigns
AuthorDelia Corina Mihaltan
AbstractThe main objective of this paperwork is to emphasize over the connection between the accounting and fundraising campaigns inside the nonprofit organizations. It comprises the way that these two are interrelated as the accounting information is facilitating the well development of such campaigns. For reaching this objective, we have established the research background by briefly defining the nonprofit organizations and the fundraising campaigns. Also we have pointed out and analyzed the interrelationships between accounting and fundraising. This paper will present a particular situation, such as the support that Romanian government gives to the fundraising campaigns within the nonprofit organizations. We will highlight the imposed procedure, its impact on the accounting; the potential limits of recording and some improvement suggestions. We imply that the fundraising is essential for the nonprofit organizations because of the financial resources that it is generating, resources without which the activity of organizations wouldn’t be possible.

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