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TitleMANAGING INNOVATION UNDER CONSTRAINTS: a glimpse on the Brazilian conditions for innovation
AuthorIsabel Cristina Dos Santos
AbstractTo generate innovation in Brazil becomes a high level priority in the last two decades. Innovation, according to the Presidential speech, is the right way to conduce the nation towards the development of technological competitive capabilities through the high technology-based products and services. Although the nation has come a long way, Brazil has to face the challenge of overcoming obstacles in infrastructure conditions for innovation. This paper aims to describe the main conditions to manage innovation in Brazil. This work offers a quantitative analysis of the main factors that impact innovation. This is a documental research based on data collected from high reliability international sources complemented by a research field applied to a sample of technology–based firms located in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The results indicated that entrepreneurs deal with difficulties to develop managerial competences in order to manage the business growth while developing new products and services. The lack of qualified human resources to manage business in technological environment is also a matter.

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