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TitleFrom Grameen Bank Micro-credit to Social Business to Social Economy-detail Proposal: A Case Study: Compare and Contrast Bangladesh and Canada
AuthorKazi Abdur Rouf
AbstractCanada, many research papers, articles and books have been written about social economy that give students, academicians, researchers and policy planners ideas about different types of social business organizations- cooperatives, nonprofit agencies, community economic development organizations, social enterprises etc. For example, Understanding the social economy: A Canadian perspective written by Quarter, J., Mook L., Armstrong A. (Eds.), (2009) and Quarter & et al (2010) is an example of a research paper that has documented different concepts of social economy and different types of social economic organizations and their diverse funding models, legal structures, functional frameworks and operational strategies, and challenges they face in the Canadian context [1-3]. In Bangladesh, different social economic organizations and models, funding models and frameworks exist, but there is no one place where this information can be found.

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