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TitleData Discovery Tools and Marketing-Comparative Case Study
AuthorM Tuta
AbstractDuring last decades, technologies developed very much and the existing software applications help companies to become more competitive. The data about customers, which are collected daily, can be easily transformed into information using the correct tools. Business Intelligence tools main objective is to offer the business users greater support for decisions. The current research article begins with a short presentation of what data mining is and how it can be used in the marketing field. It continues with a short presentation on how Business Intelligence tools may integrate Data Mining algorythms and are able to offer answers to some marketing questions. The last part of the current studyrepresents a comparison among the first three data discovery tools existing on the market.The data discovery tools are a subdivision on the Business iNtelligence Tools, providing the users the possibility of building ad-hoc queries and finding the answers to spntaneous questions.

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