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TitleExploring Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism Applicability in Theatre
AuthorAndreea Ciceo
AbstractThe aim of this paper is to confirm Kapferer’s brand identity prism applicability in the theatre area and, at the same time, to identify and reveal the brand identities for the main players from the local theatre market, from the audience’s perspective. In order to attain this goal, a qualitative research has been conducted, the target being regular theatre attenders. The results of the research have shown the fact that the main local theatres possess a strong individual brand identity, which leads to clear points of differentiations and thus, to a well- established positioning on the theatre market. The main axis on which these theatres may be mapped is the traditional – modern axis. The traditional extreme is reserved to National Theatre of Bucharest, the most ancient theatre of this city, well-known for its classic plays, notorious actors and wide variety of plays. At the other side of the axis stands Green Hours, an underground theatre, promoting taboos as the plays’ subjects, young actors and unconventional settings. Overall, for theatres, being aware of their brand identities represent a first step in knowing themselves better, and equally in deeply understanding theatre attenders’ perception over them and their positioning on the market. The next level is each theatre to develop coherent strategies, in line with these findings, that will award them more credibility among the theatre audience and will strengthen their very essence.

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