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TitleIndividual Donations and Competition in Albanian Non-Profit Sector
AuthorAgaraj Xhiliola
AbstractNon-profit organizations (NPOs) have started their activities in Albania after 1990. From 1990 until now non- profit sector in Albania has had periods of growth, decline and stability. The purpose of the nonprofit sector or else the third sector is to offer those services society, that can`t be offered by the government or that are not profitable for the private sector. In function of this goal they must apply for funding. Sources of funding are different. NPOs provide funds from international donors who are the main source of fundraising in Albania, as well as from government, private businesses, member payments, the sale of goods or services, and individual donators. The aim of the paper is to present, what relations exist between NPOs and individual donors in Albania? How percent of funds is provided from individual donators? Which is the gender and age group that donates more? How does competition in fundraising looks and what is the trend? For providing necessary data have been used primary and secondary sources. Among the techniques used to provide primary data are used questionnaires, focus groups and depth interviews. For data processing computer program SPSS is used. The limitation of the paper is that: the object of study are nonprofit organizations (associations, foundations, and centers) registered in District Court of Tirana (capital of Albania).

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