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TitleThe Role of Economical Concentrations in the Contemporary Competitive Equation
AuthorAnca Popescu-Cruceru
AbstractThe ways of accomplishment of economical concentrations involve share purchasing, submissions of nominal capital increases, mergers and acquisitions of the incorporation of branches and subsidiaries, inside and/or outside the country, circumstances under which the market with a perfect competition acquires the feature of oligopoly or oligopsony. The concentration drafts have an important impact on the communitarian space and they are regulated by the European Commission, which has in its attention, in analysis, mainly the communitarian dimension, the affected market, the dominant position – such criteria used preeminently during the analysis of the economical concentration until the entrance into force of the Regulation no. 139/2004, which introduced as priority the criterion of the restriction of competition, with the exhibited resemblances in the American theory of the significant lessening of competition.

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