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TitleImpact of labour -laws on child Labour: A case of Tourism Industry
AuthorAnupama Sharma
AbstractTourism industry is one of the world’s fastest growing economic sector and largest employer of manpower helps in earning multi-billion dollar annually by attracting a billion of people from one destination to another. But it has a story too. Recent researches reveal that it has various social, economical, cultural, and environmental impacts on society. According to the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Global Report 2006, Tourism affects the lives of 218 million children. India has the distinction of the largest number of working children in the world today. According to Indian official statistics about 13 million children are engaged in tourism industry but unofficial estimates vary between 60-100 million. Throughout India there have been numerous studies which have shown the existence of child exploitation due to tourism. In the year 2006 the tourism and hospitality sector was added to the list of hazardous occupation under the Child Labour Act 1986.

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