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TitleMigration Vulnerability: Role of Digital Media and Internet in Stimulating and Inhibiting Brain Drain
AuthorBhawana Bhardwaj
AbstractConsiderations like hiked salaries, superior technology, better standards of living, and quality of work life, more unwavering political conditions & demand of skilled professional are attributed as reasons for brain drain from developing to developed countries. Brain drain owing to cross border migration is one of the crucial issues of the globalized world. In contemporary technologically advanced era, digital media and internet has affected our political, social, cultural values. It would be obliviousness if we neglect the role of digital media & internet in connecting cross border communities. This connection has brought change in primordial intensions and value system of people in developing countries to stay or move out of their country of origin to a developed country. There is a dearth of study related to paradigm shift in cross border mobility patterns mediated by digital media and internet. Here, it is an attempt to understand how internet and digital media influences the intensions and priorities to move out from one’s own country to foreign location. Role of digital media and internet in stimulating and affecting brain drain is pondered and future directions for studies have been proposed.

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