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TitleA Study Identifying Factors Affecting Branding of Management Institutes in Madhya Pradesh
AuthorAmit Dixit
AbstractIn contemporary knowledge driven global economy, higher education systems majorly engage in roles of social development and national economic competitiveness. The last few decades of Management Education in India has witnessed a noteworthy transformation. The perpetual growth and uniqueness of businesses in India, government initiatives for education and government’s acknowledgment to the entrepreneurial efforts of several private players have fostered the growth of management institutes. The popularity of management degrees and diplomas has created a clutter, competition and challenge for Management Institutes to prove their distinctiveness. Branding has become an indispensable tool for institutes to stay ahead of the competition by communicating this differentiation. The institutions in India have recognized that by investment of time and resources they can strategically build their educational brands to be more preferable and acclaimed amongst students and the society. The purpose of this paper is to examine the essential role branding plays in successful institutional settings of Management Institutes pertaining to Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), a state in central India. The paper also attempts to uncover the factors which influence the constructs of branding Management Institutes in M.P.

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