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TitleEntrepreneurial Intention of the Participants of the Startup Weekend: Longitudinal Analysis
AuthorAmelia Silveira
AbstractThe objective was to analyze longitudinally the Entrepreneurial Intention (EI) of participants in a Startup Weekend (SW) eventin order to investigate to what extent, after four months of an SW event, the EI of the participant’s remains. Thus, the measurement of the IE occurred in three moments: before the event (t1), after its completion (t2), and four months later (t3).The data collection instrument was a psychometric scalechecked, adjusted and improved by Liñán, Urbano and Guerrero [1]. The theory is based on Azjen[2,3,4,5]– Theory of Planned Behavior (TCP)– and constructs Attitude Staff (PA), Subjective Norms (NS) and Perceived Behavioral Control (SPC), which support the understanding of EI. The research is descriptive and quantitative, with statistical procedures and structural equation modeling (SEM). It was found that the variable EI of participants remained stable in most of the analyzed items, over time. There was a decrease between Subjective Norms and Entrepreneurial Intention, since they are related to the social pressure perceived by the individual in the sense ofperforming certain behavior, and they may be discouraging entrepreneurial activity, in times of crisis.

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