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TitleDoes Demography Influence Online Purchase Intention? Evidence from North-West India
AuthorRajbir Singh Sethi
AbstractAbstract The phenomenal increase in online shoppers across the globe has influenced India also. A review of extant literature on the relation between demographic factors and online purchase intention revealed that demographic variables and their relation to online purchase intention were not studied in the context of Punjab, India. Three demographic factors; gender, income and marital status were studied and Independent sample T-test was used to study the effect of gender on online purchase intention while One -Way ANOVA was used to study the effect of income and marital status on online purchase intention. It emerged that gender and marital status has a significant effect on online purchase intention. Males are more likely to shop online than females and unmarried people are the most likely to shop online. Online retailers can segment the online shoppers based on gender and marital status. Important managerial implications deal with use of gender as the basis for the allocation of advertisement budgets. In addition, marketing campaigns should direct towards making females more familiar with the use of technology for online shopping.

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