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TitleJob Performance, Job Satisfaction and Motivation: A Critical Review of Their Relationship
AuthorRevenio Cabanilla Jalagat, Jr.
AbstractThe objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship between these three variables namely: Job performance, job satisfaction and motivation with the help of theoretical models and literatures. Although many studies had already been conducted on job satisfaction and job performance, its relationship is still subject to much hated debates to specifically determine the extent of its relationship. With regards to motivation, results showed that, monetary consideration is by far more important than other motivation strategies which emphasized the aspect of addressing the economic needs of the individuals. However motivation like that of Herzberg had proven that pay is not the sole indicator of employee motivation. Furthermore, it was also proven that job satisfaction, job performance and motivation interact with each other and functioned interdependently such that the process is circular rather than linear. When job satisfaction and performance is linked with group performance, the outcome revealed that higher job satisfaction leads to higher performance although it is not always the case. Working together is the key to achieve desirable outcomes which means that employees should not be kept in isolation but should be encouraged to work together to effectively achieve the goals and success whether in group or the organization as a whole.

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