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TitleRecalibration of the Lusk & Halperin Benford Screening Intervals: The Relative FPE and FNE Jeopardy Considerations
AuthorEdward Lusk
AbstractLusk & Halperin (2014) offered a screening interval for the first digit Benford Profile that was basically founded on the usual parametric distribution that is associated with proportions. They created the precision using the wide-spanning 99th percentile z-value. It was validated on the dataset offered by Reddy & Sebastin (2012). In this paper we offer a recalibrated screening protocol centered on the corrected Benford empirical bin-means founded only on the Empirical Distribution of additional Conforming and Non-Conforming datasets reported in the literature. We should find that, as expected, the initial Screening Interval is wider than the re-calibrated Screening Interval. This of course begs questions as to the False Negative and False Positive screening jeopardy. We present and discuss these relative error profiles in the context of the certified audit where the Benford Screenings are then used to identify Extended Procedure candidates.

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