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TitleChief Executive Officer Leadership Role and Small and Medium Enterprises Performance in Southwest Nigeria
AuthorAkeke Niyi Israel
AbstractThe role of leaders in ensuring excellent organizational performance can not be over emphasized. The need to provide road map through which enterprises can thread is important to promoting excellent organization performance. This study seeks to examine Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leadership behaviours and firm performance in order to bring out those critical behaviours that will enhance performance outcomes. The study is descriptive using survey of 550 owner/mangers of registered and active Small and medium Enterprises for a period covering six months between year 2014 and 2015 of three southwest states of Nigeria. Leadership behaviour was measured on Transactional and transformational leadership behaviours and performance was measured on sales growth, profit, market share, and employment growth and owner satisfaction. Data obtained were analysed using factor and ordered logistic regression analyses. Results show that leadership styles were having statistical significance with performance outcomes. Specifically, transformational behaviours of individual consideration and idealized influence were significantly related with sales, profit, employment growth and owner satisfaction, while inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation relate employment growth, profit and owner satisfaction. Furthermore, transactional behaviours of management by exception and contingent reward were found to be significantly related with sales growth, profit and employment growth. However, these leadership behaviours were either having weak or no significant relationship with market share.

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