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TitleValue Stream Mapping-A Lean Manufacturing Approach to Reduce the Process Wastages in Clothing Industry
AuthorB Senthil Kumar
AbstractAmong the textile supply chain apparel manufacturing system is the most laborious task. Most of the tasks could not be automated due to change in product nature. The current mass production system in sewing Industry is one kind of assembly line having complicated workstation. .This typical system creates high amount of non-value added activity, causes low productivity, longer production lead time, high rework and rejection, poor line balancing, low flexibility of style changeover etc. Various research references concluded that these kinds of problems were addressed by suitable implementation of lean manufacturing tools .In this research the researcher used Value Stream Mapping (VSM) as a a key lean tools to address the said issues at ABC Ltd, India on Men’s trouser production layout. Value stream mapping is different from conventional recording approaches as it helps in the visualization of Material Flow, Information Flow in a scientific manner. The current state VSM map was developed by mapping all the information and product flow at ABC towards the selected product line. This includes machine cycle time, inventory, setup time, and information flow such as how customers place the order. The current state of Value stream mapping (VSM) for mentioned the product was studied and the target areas of improvement were identified to eliminate the process wastages revealed by current state map at ABC. The future state VSM is designed in such a way to minimize the process wastages. In this regards cellular layout, keizan, single piece flow principles were followed to minimize the process wastages.

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