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TitleTalent Management and its Importance for Today’s Organizations in Kenya Perspective; a Critical Review
AuthorAgnes Chemaiyo Kurgat
AbstractToday, in the current global world, competition and, innovation as well as creativity, are the elements which define and corporate strategies to excel and stand tall in knowledge economy. During this 21st Century, effectiveness, efficiency and total quality is what organizations strive for and can only be achieved by successfully managing and retaining and utilizing the best talents available in the labour market. Talent management is about human resource planning function where an organisation has to critically undertake a survey of the labour market, and try and identify and get the right people, who possess the right qualification for the right jobs for its present and future human resources, these has posed a great challenge for many organizations in Kenya, because despite of people possessing the right talents there has been great mismatch between the required talents the available talents and the job market. And has in many instances led to employee’s frustration and dissatisfaction making many organizations not realise their goals and objectives. Human Resource Management department has to play a role for supply of the human being who poses the required talents for the organization. This research will inform the management of talents, scope and affecting factors on talent management; talent management practices and relationship between organizational competitiveness, effectiveness and talent management.

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