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TitleAssesment of Reducing Informal Economy Program Within Turkey’s Tenth Development Plan (2014-2018)
AuthorZeynep Erdinç
AbstractThe Tenth Development Plan, covering the 2014-2018 period, will be a milestone in advancing society to high prosperity levels, in line with the 2023 targets. Priority Transformation Programs are designed for critical reform areas which; are important for achieving 2023 targets and the objectives of Tenth Development Plan; could provide solutions for the main structural problems; may contribute to the transformation process; is usually in more than one ministerial area of responsibility; require effective coordination and responsibility sharing among institutions. Within the 25 primary transformation program, Reducing Informal Economy is placed as the ninth priority. Reducing informal economy will contribute to improvement of macroeconomic factors such as economic stability, income distribution and employment, to rising productivity and competitiveness levels as well as increasing public revenues in the medium to long run. Program Targets; Reducing the ratio of informal economy to GDP by five percentage points and Reducing the informal employment rate in non- agricultural sectors by five percentage points.In this paper, we will be firstly providing information about primary transformation program action points from The Tenth Development Plan, covering the period of 2014-2018, then an assesment will be discussed about its targets, performance indicators and program components of Reducing informal economy within that program.

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