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TitleThe Evolution of S & P 500 Index, Forecasted Using an Autoregressive Integrated Model
AuthorFlorin Dan Pieleanu
AbstractThe indexes Standard&Poor’s and Dow Jones Industrial Average were each, along time, the benchmarks of the American stock exchange. But lately, the first one gained the advantage, because it is composed of the stocks from multiple companies, carefully chosen on the base of strict criteria. Hence, its evolution is interesting, due to many reasons. The present article makes a forecast for S&P 500’s value on a 30-day period, with input data covering 1 year. The forecast is constructed on an autoregressive integrated model, because this type of model proved to be adequate for short- and medium-term periods. The offered results are compaired in the end with the real values of the index, in order to see how accurate is the estimation. The conclusions will either confirm once again, or will refute the ability of the autoregressive model to forecast future values, but they will be 100% true only for the studied context.

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